Easy way to import multiple retailers into one city, then filter by retailers?

Essentially, I have an excel file with 2000+ retailers/brands from across the country. I have an excel file with 170+ cities, and all of the retailers in those cities.

I am trying to figure out how to copy & paste the retailers into the cities they’re in, so I can later filter all of the cities by certain retailers.

For example, if I want to see all of these cities with an ALDI in them, I’d want to just filter by cities with in Aldi.

Not sure how to do this, tried a few different ways but kept running into roadblocks.

Hi @Ashton_Rosen and welcome to the Coda Community!

Did you already create a doc that you can share?
It is much easier for us to help you then.

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I believe this has permissions to edit.

Cities is obviously the 170 cities, Retailers are all of the different retailers.

Hi @Ashton_Rosen,

I checked your doc and think the data structure is a bit weird.
Do your Excel files have the same data structure?

If I understood your issue right, it can be solved with a simple relation formula, but your data structure confuses me, tbh :smiley:.


Hi @Jannis ,

The data structure in my excel has a sheet of every retailer, including address, city, and state.

I have another sheet that utilizes a pivot table which filters the Cities, and displays rows of every retailer that falls in that city.

Sorry if this wasn’t exactly the explanation you were looking for! I’m fairly new to this.

If you believe it can be solved with a simple relation formula, I can adapt how I enter the data to follow it.

Hi @Ashton_Rosen,

I quickly created an example for you how a clean data structure should look like. You basically only need two tables: “Cities” and “Retailers”. You can then add the different cities to the different retailers, or the other way around.

Here is the example:

Please let me know if:

  • the example I created is what you want to achieve
  • it is possible for you to create this structure with your existing date


@Jannis ,

Thank you for this! It is definitely cleaner than what I had.

Quick question - if some of these cities have 200+ Retailers, do I have to manually add 200 rather than being able to copy & paste the cells from Excel into Coda?


That depends on the structure of your Excel-files.
There is probably no need to do a lot of manual adjustments if you import the data correctly and then set it up correctly in Coda.

If I had more time, I would help you with the transfer…

Best regards

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