Editable Canvas Linked Relation

I found a few topics touching on similar topics but none have been addressed. I am looking for a way to edit a linked Canvas cell in the lookup cell rather than the source cell. This should be a relatively simple implementation I think

To explain clearly, here is what I’m trying to achieve

-Table 1
– Categories (Text)
– Notes (Canvas)
– Topics (Linked Relation to Table 2)

-Table 2
– Topics (Text)
– Categories (Linkedin Relation to Table 1)
– Notes (Lookup from Table 1)

Right now notes in Table 2 is a formula that just spits out the original notes from Table 1.

What I’m asking for is the ability to edit Notes from Table 2 given that they are linked rather than have to go back to Table 1 to edit Notes

Hi Gab,

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Could you provide some more information about what you are trying to do? Because, looking at the generic information you have provided, different views of the same table is going to address your problem well.


Thanks Piet, here is a sample

I want to be able to edit the notes field in the topics table

Sorry it says I’m over the share limit although I haven’t used it, here’s a screenshot for the time being


Here is an example of what I have in mind:

Here is a link to the doc:

Also have a look at the page just above , called Flexible Table.

And in this doc, I take the concept to the extreme:

Hi Piet, it’s not about having different views for the same table.

Categories and topics are two different tables. I want the ability to sync the Notes column between Table Categories and Table Topics. Right now Notes in Topics is just a lookup formula

I have seen that you have them as two different tables.


My suggestion is to simplify your structure.

Good question. This is a simplified extract of the functionality I’m looking for.

I have them as separate tables as I’m nesting multiple fields in each other and I have different column requirements for each

The only way I think you can do this is to use a button to edit the text in the 2nd table. The button actually opens the originating row, allows you to edit the text and you see the new text in both tables.

There is no way to directly edit a field that you fill with a formula, but this comes pretty close.

I made a small sample doc which you can copy to check out the formula used in the button.