Creating an internal forum using for backend and logic: How to overcome UI limitations:?

Hi guys. I’m building an internal company system where we can discuss around topics without relying on comments. Similar to what Levels is doing with the Threads tool.
Anyways, I’ve successfully created these tables:

  • Topic
  • Comments
    The thing is I’d like to display comments in an organized way within a Canvas. I tried using the ForEach and FormulaMap formulas and while I was able to pull the required information, I was not able to format it in a user-friendly way.

The closest thing I could think of was to use the “Details” view. But it’s far from ideal.

So the question is…

Are there any UI components and formulas I could use to achieve what I’m trying to do here? Or maybe I should accept the limitations and stick to whatever format Coda has to offer for tables out of the box.

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Hey Flavio! :wave:
I’m not positive if this will be a perfect solution for what you’re looking for, but I think you’re onto something with using Detail View. Have you explored using Canvas Columns and Subtables?

Here’s a cool example of what’s possible with those two building blocks. I think you could tweak this setup to your liking:

Hope this helps! :smile:

Hey Flavio,

I agree with Nicole. This here (see image) is a subtable within a table. For your use case, it would be a list of Comments inside of a Topic.

You can get this working by going inside of the edit detail view with the (…) icon and then in the lookup field of related Comments, toggle the switch for “Table”

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