Emailing unique generated emails / Personality test

I am trying to setup a personality test. Through a form people submit response (and their email). I calculate a category for them (add a row to a table with name, score and category) and then want to send them the results.

How do I get the template to include unique items - such as name, score based on the response?
When I include a variable from a table in the text, does send this through email limit the response to the one individual response of the person?

Any help would be super appreciated.

Dear @Marlin_Watling,

Not sure if I understood your point, some sample of the expected outcome is a better way to show your expectations.

Maybe this post contains some inspiration: (Credits: @BenLee )

Dear @Jean_Pierre_Traets,

Sure. More details are here:

This is where the data comes in:

A survey brings in data and calculates a score (High-Score and percentage). Once a row is added, I want to send a text based on the group (out of 5 possible). So, I select text 4 and want to include the name, the score and the date.

How can I get it to select only the relevant data for the row and send that information in an email?

Dear @Marlin_Watling ,

What you are missing is the option to select the instance to be able to filter out only one row of your table [Survey Key Data]


And when filtering to make the “email” = select 1, you will get only the particular row results

Great! That works.

Can I do that selection directly from the table (key data)? Or is this only doable through the select list?

Dear @Marlin_Watling,

Of course you can do that, the select list gives you the benefit that you don’t have to write the whole formula for each of the rows in the [Survey Key Data] table.