Embedding dynamic search results in document

Maybe this already exists, but I couldn’t find it…

I would find it useful to be able to embed search results (both global and in-doc) in individual docs. One use case would be to generate a list of related pages or docs. For instance, if I have 1,000 docs in my Coda account (or 1000 pages in a doc) each representing a meal recipe, I could create a “meta doc” that would list (and link to) every recipe containing shiitake mushrooms. The list would automatically update any time I added a new recipe containing shiitake mushrooms.

One implementation approach might be an existing formula like “find,” “in,” or “contains” that could take something like myDocs or thisDoc as the input value to be searched. Or maybe there’s a new search formula…

This functionality would be useful in creating “saved searches” or “smart pages.” It would also be a way to let users generate their own backlinks (which seems like a frequently requested feature).

Thanks for considering…

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Hi Jack, easy response first:

This is in beta testing at the moment.

As for your suggestion - The standard approach would be to have the 1000 recipes, or whatever pieces of data, in a table. That table can then be filtered in different views to store the results. I am not certain why you do not want to follow this approach?

Or you could wait for the new AI enhancements that are being considered.


Hi Piet,

I’m grateful for your reply and suggestions. I was not aware of the beta, but I’d like to join it. I was aware of the AI enhancements (in alpha!) and am looking forward to testing that approach.

(On the question of why not structure this in a table? I’ve been using Coda (on and off) since it was in early, early beta and I’ve found that sometimes, the functionality of the table approach comes with some usability costs, especially in UI and also, honestly, in what one might call aesthetic satisfaction. I think notes are a great example of a use case where tables lend great functionality, but also impose friction in the form of cognitive load. So while I utilize tables a lot in Coda, I occasionally prefer to rely on “pages” or “documents” instead of rows.)

I still believe, even with AI in the works, that being able to embed a search would have multiple useful applications.




Yeah, it feels like the dynamic search in embed pages (specially at google documents) would be a game changer feature for Coda utilization in our department. As you said, it would make the tool independent of another master pdf file where we all go CTRF + F to find related information.

@Piet_Strydom - thanks for your feedback, but beta sign up is not open anymore. Is this still on track ?



The feature has been implemented. The lookup column ttype has been replaced by the relation column type, which allows for (optional) bidirectional row creation.


For the sake of clarity, the implemented feature Piet_Strydom is referring to is the relation column (which enables bidirectional links between tables); not the original feature request to embed dynamic search results in a document.