Enhancements to Timeline TableView in Coda.io

Hello Coda Team

I’ve been using the timeline view and have found it incredibly helpful. However, I see a couple of areas for enhancement that could really improve the functionality.

  1. Enhanced TableView: It would be great to have a TableView positioned to the left of the roadmap bars. This table should allow for adding multiple columns such as additional dates, descriptions, and essentially any attribute that we might need to track alongside our roadmap. The ability to customize and add any number of columns would greatly enhance the tool’s flexibility.
  2. Baseline Plan: Incorporating a baseline plan directly into the roadmap would be extremely useful. This would visually indicate shifts or extensions in project timelines, providing a clear, comparative view of planned versus actual progress.

These features would significantly enhance the project management capabilities of Coda.io, making it an even more powerful tool for users like myself.

Thanks for considering this feedback!

Best, Vasily

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Hi Vasily,

I like your first suggestion, good idea.

For the second suggestion, you can already do this in Coda. You need to add a column called, say, Plan Version. Using entries like “Base”, “Optimistic”, “Latest” you can then have several versions of your project plan.

On this basic start, you can then, depending on your requirements, have version specific views, or a view that compares two specific versions. You can then also add buttons to copy from one version of a plan to another. In full or partially.

But it’s just a ramble…
Rambling Pete

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Thank you, Piet. Yep, creating a baseline is easy in Coda, yet seeing the shift against the baseline is the best way to control the schedule, so visual representation on the timeline is paramount for project management.

I definitely agree with the first suggestion. I use buildertrend for construction management and it uses a pretty feature complete Gantt chart system. One of it’s standout features is like you suggested by having multiple columns to the left. We usually keep task assignees, a completion button, job name and subs and vendors there.

One of my big suggestions is click on the day to open a new task, with that date autofilled.

Also being able to add templates to existing timelines. This allows us to build out a very complicated schedule and then add templates of pre made schedules with linked dependencies like site clean ups or preconstruction tasks without having to manually add things one by one.

Mix of flexible and rigid dependencies in the same timeline. They could be represented with wavy vs hard lines to connect them. We use this frequently.

Zoom in and out of your time line to see things further out.

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