Enter field - with or without entry list

One can add a lot of things on the canvas and refer to these things by user applied names (formulas, tables, check boxes, etc. The one thing I am missing is an enter field, where you can add some text or a a number and later use this text or number in another formula by referring to this info through code. Can we get a field like that? Basically this comes down to a one row one column table, with all the current options (lookup list, single or multiple entries, formulas, etc.) with a lock on adding rows and/or columns.
So, this could be a new canvas item or some extra options in tables.


To the coda people:
Additional to my post above (Enter field): for the time being I am using a 1 row 1 column tabel to do, for example, some filtering in a table. This works and lets my users do quick lookups. In order to make them not delete or alter data in the main table, I have experimented with locking and the different settings for the table, but I can either safeguard the main table, but not enter anything in my helper table, or allow entering things in my helper table, and at the same time allowing the main table to be compromised.
So, I guess we need a more finegrained setting (locking on table level) or the ‘Enter field’ and allow that field to be excluded from the locking scheme.
Similar to the forum page, where I can filter users (but I guess that is not a coda doc?).

I was looking for this functionality as well and found this topic from a year ago suggesting basically the same if I’m not mistaken, where @nathan replied:

Any news on this implementation?


Thanks for pointing me to the other thread - I had searched for the wrong words and missed that one, but yes, it is indeed the same item. If it was on the todo list a year ago, it should be forthcoming…