Coda forms - add lines to look-up tables

I have a form that uses several lookup columns with associated tables.

When I configure the layout, it lets me allow people to add new phrases to the look up table. For example: how many languages do you speak? - choose from the dropdown menu. Spanish and Italian. If there is no Italian, people can actually write italian and add it to the look-up table.

However, when I publish the form, people are not allowed to add new lines to the look-up table. It is annoying.

I would like to be able to allow people to add new lines in their form, so that interaction is much more fluid.



Yes, very much want the same thing. I have a similar request here. Ability to add/edit sub-table data from a Form

Hello @Pedro_Bernardo_Juan_Celis_Caraballo ,
I think there are a couple of reasons why you can’t do that.

  1. if a user would be allowed to do what you want, a malevolent user could keep on submitting new entries and pollute your lookup list.
  2. the way the forms are loaded, don’t allow easy work arounds, because the lookup list becomes static upon loading a form.

If you insist on having new entries, I described a workaround here. You could enhance the work around with admin approval if you would like to do that. Generally speaking, I don’t think it is a good idea to have not-logged-in users making changes to lookup lists in forms

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I have a demo doc to show how this is done. Start by making your own copy and see how it’s done and what is possible:

Thank you! It looks like a great idea to bypass the problem.