Entire Reference Docs in PDF format

I’m having trouble making a Pack, and all the ‘tools’ are being Tools. Is there a way I could get the entire SDK reference page (Overview - Coda Pack SDK) in PDF format?

I’ve being creating a few systems with APIs and such using Google’s NotebookLM, and it’s better at remembering and referencing the documents I want it to. But the limitations of NotebookLM is that it can view PDF or pasted Plain text … so I need to create a PDF of all these API documentation with their nested side menus … it’s a pain.

I’m wondering if there is an easier way to get all that data in PDF? I’m sure I could scrap the data … but … I don’t know how to do that either.

Ideas? Thoughts? Complaints? Random Star Trek Reference?

Hi @KeyBerry - We don’t generate a PDF of the documentation currently, but I just found a plugin for the doc generator we are using (MkDocs) and give it a try:

It came out a little janky, but hopefully it’s good enough for your LLM!



I think Bardeen is a paid service … At least for this use case.

Hey there!

Just diving into what you shared with me yesterday.

If you’d like I can share that pdf with you. I took all the info on coda sdk page and dumped it into a doc, in markdown, and can export as a pdf.

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Oh my gawd, your my hero!

Plugin is called MkDocs… Getting it now

yes! Please!

You’re my hero!