Error with full-embed of Trello boards

Hello Everyone,

I have a problem with full-embedding Trello it simpy gives me back the error message. I have all permissions in that Trello board as well as in Coda. Is there any way to full-embed Trello boards? Or is there a specific initiative to add Trello specific full-embed like Google Sheet, Doc etc?

Thanks in advance!

:wave:t5: @Tamas_Mahner — thank you for the feedback. While Trello Cards and compact, non-interactive Board tiles show in Coda, fully interactive Boards don’t and a restriction from Trello.

Submitting a request to the Trello team here for this support so they’re aware could help.

One other option would be using our Plus and page embeds integration to capture a live snapshot and embed in Coda, see below.


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