Trello Import Missing Links/Comments


Trello import is a great idea. But it does not import URL links or Comments. Can those be added? It would make it a whole lot more useful.

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Hi Richard,

Nigel here from the product team. Currently we’ve received very little feedback about the usefulness or importance of this importer so we’ve just supported the basics. We could definitely extend the Trello Import with links and comments.

With respect to your asks, one challenge is that we don’t currently support embedded hyperlinks within our tables. Future work is planned there (and in comments) to support this. The other issue is where would expect the comments to be placed in the target document? Would you want them as inline row comments on the card entries (seem to make the most sense) or would you expect them in another linked table?


Hi Nigel

That would be terrific if you could extend Trello Import

I would suggest that the best mapping of data would be:

Trello Board = Coda Document

Trello List = Coda Section, with a Coda Table of the same name

Trello Card = Coda Row

Fields in a Trello Card = Fields in a Coda Row

The Trello API allows you to export both standard and custom fields; I think it would be best (and probably easiest as well) if you exported all of the Trello fields, matched them to (or created) identically named Coda fields, and then also allowed the user to rename the Coda field after it is mapped to Trello.

So regarding your question about comments in a Trello card, I think they would be best as inline row comments on the card entry, i.e. a comments field for the Coda row corresponding to the Trello card.

As for embedded hyperlinks in a table, that seems to work fine now:

That said, the Preview feature of a URL is too small to be useful - could it be larger or perhaps configurable?

A workaround at present is the Chrome extension EZLinkPreview - it works well as a resizable iFrame popup to allow viewing URLs simply by hovering over the link and it even does this recursively within another popup. It works well with Coda currently through this feature would be great if built-in to Coda and thus predictably available to all readers, not just those with the extension activated.

By the way, true embedded websites are possible also as you know using the =EMBED formula. But I do not think that works as well as the above popup solution. With full-time embedded websites it is hard to get the size of the window large enough to not limit the readability of the table as a whole - see this example which I do not think works so well:

Another option is to view the linked site within the card view. But that seems less than intuitive for new readers and in any event, there seems to be a maximum width of the card no matter the width specified in the Embed formula - and that makes for less than an optimal presentation:

Hi Richard,

I wasn’t aware of customer fields in Trello. I’ve added a request to our backlog for adding both custom field import and support comments on cards (appearing as card row activity).

With respect to URL previews, we make use of a service IFramely to provide popover previews of URLs. This same service provides us with metadata about the target site which is where we autocomplete the URL title from when you enter a bare hyperlink value. We’ve had some discussion in the past about providing more configurability of previews and the ability provide more control on this. Based on your examples, I think you’re actually looking for more of a “lightbox preview” (similar to image preview) that would allow you to view the target site inline. With respect to configuration how would you envisage this working? Would this be an option on the column type, document, …?


Hi Nigel

The custom fields in Trello are part of a “Power-up”:


Thank you regarding adding custom fields and comments. I presume that will include links as well? Note that there are link URLs available both to the original trello card as well as external link URLs associated with the card.

As for the preview, ideally there would be an option for all items in a column called “URL with Preview” with the ability to set the initial size of the preview popup. The preview would be the actual site, with the ability to rezize the window - essentially working just like the Chrome plugin above except that it would be built in to Coda and activated on a per-column basis.


I’ve added both features (Trello comments/links and link preview) to our backlog of requests. We’ll triage these along with all the other feedback we’ve received. Thanks for the suggestions and please keep the feedback coming.


Sounds great - thanks Nigel

I know this thread is ancient, but is there any news on this? It seems Trello Import is still missing comments, or am I doing it wrong? :thinking: