Evernote integration with coda front end

evernote is an exceptional capturer and repository of things. it is terrible for finding or managing things. it would be great if I could click on a link in coda and get an evernonote note in the coda environment so that I don’t ever have to jump into the evernote interface.

a simple example of this is a recipe doc that I have created in coda to simplify shopping (hunting for ingredients?!) in the pandemic. I create a table of ingredients per recipe in coda, and then build a shopping list from selected recipes. the actual recipes (directions, photos of grandma’s cookbook, etc) live in evernote. this allows me to quickly go from recipe to shopping list, but also click on an evernote link to get the actual recipe which could be a photograph, web capture, document, etc… since evernote is great a capture and coda is great at building doc-apps, this is a natural fit. the points of integration that I would like to see are:

  1. show evernote documents in the coda interface- ie evernote docID gets pulled up in coda “viewer” rather than duplicating the document structure
  2. much improved evernote search directly from coda interface
  3. as a bonus, click on a link and have it predictably go to evernote desktop instead of evernote web.

in other words, a coda customizable front end to evernote database