ExchangeRate() formula sometimes doesn't work even though the preview does

I’m referring to the formula of this Pack: Currency Converter Pack, extend Coda with Currency... | Coda by @Hector_Reyes (@Hector_Reyes1 ?)

I’ve been using it for a while and it mostly works great, but sometimes the formula outputs an error ("Failed to fetch data from Currency Converter”) even though the preview seems to work.

Here’s a screenshot

I’m not sure whether this is a pack issue of a Coda issue. Because if I create a new inline formula and paste in the exact same thing that outputs an error in the original instance, it works fine and gives me a number! So the pack is likely not at fault.

In the past the issue resolved itself after a while, but I’d like a more permanent fix :slight_smile:

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Hi Anna!

This Pack is using the free API to get all data. It seems like the API sometimes has issues and doesn’t load the data properly. Doesn’t seem to be a problem with the Coda or the Pack itself.

I’m looking into other APIs that could improve the experience and provide trustworthy data. I’ll keep you in the loop!


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