Expectation of a certain amount of characters in a field

Is there a way to set an expectation of how many characters are required in a field? I am trying to create a phone number field that expects 10 digits and if 10 digits aren’t entered it will create an error or something.

Are people inputting this in a form, or directly in a doc?

Into a form initially but can then be edited in the doc if needed later (ie. if someone’s phone number changes)

If you share I doc I can help a bit better, but you should be able to add validation to a field:
Go to Edit layout
then click on the field you want to edit. Validation options will show up on the right hand side

CurrentValue.Length() = 10

with the message
“Number must be 10 characters long, e.g. 1234567890”


Thank you! This totally worked. I appreciate your speedy assistance!

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Happy I could help! Feel free to mark that as the answer so that other people can find it.

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