Required If Form Fields?

I don’t think this is possible but wanted to validate it. Is it possible through form validation to only require the form field depending on the value of another field? For example only require the “Length” if the “Type” fields value is “Boat”.

hi @Ryan_Hubbard ,

a form field is required or not, so sorry, you cannot do what you have in mind.

cheers, christiaan

A potential workaround:

  1. Set the Length field to “N/A” via URL parameters
  2. Set the validation formula on Length to something like:
    thisRow.Type != "Boat" or CurrentValue.IsNumber()
    (ie, only require a number if Type=Boat, and otherwise “N/A” (or any non-blank value) is acceptable)
  3. (Optional) set an automation rule to clear the value of Length on new form submissions if the Type is not “Boat”

Alternatively, you could skip the “N/A” in Length and just validate Type as CurrentValue != "Boat" or IsNumber(thisRow.Length)
… this would not get you a little red asterisk beside Length though.