Conditional behaviour of form fields


I have looked and looked but can’t quite understand this. When I setup a form I can either have a field as “Required” or not. What if I want this to behave differently depending on the value of another field. I gather you can’t disappear that field per se but can it validate differently or any other useful behaviour (format change, turn on/off the required flag) depending on the value of another field?

Need here is simple: certain kinds of information are only needed when a particular option is chosen. I have seen people on here doing a lot of acrobatics with other tables and all manner of complex data structures but my need is so simple I am hoping to avoid that.

hi @Jarred_Cinman
branching is idd not supported at the moment
forms are tables presented differently, but without the many features you find in form builders
who knows what the future will bring?
cheers ,Christiaan

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