Is it possible to limit characters on a text field?

Hi All,
Is it possible to limit the number of characters that can be typed into a text field in a table? Happy for it to apply to the entire column. I’m basically looking to limit the number of characters so someone can’t type in anymore than 60 characters in the field.

Nope. Sadly not

But you could run a really silly automation that uses a row changed trigger, watches for changes on the column you want to limit, and then Make the automation run a ModifyRows() action that utilizes the Left() formula to simply change the input to exactly 60 characters

The only other way you could feasibly go about this is have all inputs be completed via form and use form validation to not allow the user to submit if the length is over 60

You could also 1) use conditional formatting to turn it red when the character limit was exceeded, 2) add a formula-calculated field nearby to add a message when the character limit is exceeded, or 3) (if there are any buttons) use a disable formula to disable them when the length-limit is violated

Thanks Scott and Billy, greatly appreciate the help. I might go with a combo of form valiation (when input via the form) and a conditional formatting on the table to turn the field red if it goes over the limit.

Not the silly automation? I was really hoping you’d go that route. Sounds really really fun

Haha, unfortunately I’m not very skilled with coding so won’t get to experience the fun of that one :slight_smile:

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