How to limit characters for normal table column?

I am NOT using forms.
I simply have table for social media content. And for captions column I need to set a limit so that I won’t go on writing the caption beyond certain character limit.

How do I do that?

I already have a separate column to count characters but looking for a better solution. So I wouldn’t need character counter column each time I type my captions.


Hi @Piyush_Patil
Not sure if you can limit the number of character in a text field (you can use conditionnal formating to check if you are too long, but may be not limit.

Anyway, if this is an issue of display, you can have a “Long Caption” column, where you write anything you want, and use a “Display Caption” that will show a limited number of character, and use this column for display purpose. For that please use Slice() function :

Then, that will be your job / your user’s job to have relevant character before being cut :slight_smile:

May that do the job to you for a while ?


I guess yes.

It still requires me to have a separate column but for my use case, it least, it will safe guard me from exceeding character limit as now I can only use view where it shows the formula column as caption column.



Actually your idea of conditional formatting sounds better.
Can you help me with the formula for conditional formatting?

The cell should turn red or something if I’m exceeding character limit.

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Yes that’s it. But be careful, that wont be in live, you must enter/validate your text for the conditionnal format to apply. As long as you have the cursor as if you’re still writing, the cell won’t turn red even if you exceed the limit

Here is to set this up

  • Create a conditionnal formating,
  • Use the formula Length(Text)>maximum_length


That’s awesome.
Amazing. Thanks.

And special thanks for the prompt reply.


No problem @Piyush_Patil

Happy to help !


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