Export to pdf acts funny

Using the export to pdf option is not working the way it used to (last week).

On my pdf, this is the result:

in the mean time, on my screen all the little error symbols are bits of data, as they have always been data.

After many more tests I have come to the conclusion that:

  1. to the best of my knowledge, I didn’t make any changes that should influence this export
  2. that exporting canvas data to pdf is still working (but obviously not for me in the current setup)
  3. that it must be related to the way I have setup a view of a table where the data is coming from
  4. that I can find a work around
  5. that I will share my document with support to find out what has changed and to see if there is indeed a bug that ’ killed’ something that has worked for at least a year.

For the time being I am withdrawing this bug post until I have a working work-around and the old setup side by side for support to look at.

This bug has been fixed.
Thank you Coda!