Facing issue of (If condition) in coda

I am using this formula in excel but unable to make in CODA

For reference :

Can any one help out

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hi @Deepak_Adwani , welcome!
I’d love to help, but I am not an Excel wizard,
Can you describe what you have in mind to check first how we should best put the data in tables.

as far as I see the total of Containers (green) should be smaller or equal to the value in shipping line alloted (44) - which seems not the case, and then an extra condition on the min value, but I don’t get it.

And adding a sample doc would speed up the process, for more info on how to share, see below

Cheers, Christiaan

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Thanks for your reply.

will try to elaborate the problem…

We have 2 tables
1st one for allocation table
2nd vessel name

Process - every week
(1) Shipping line allot us the containers for upcoming week i.e 44 (in the example - screen shot)
(2) Our procurement team get the requirement (min. containers and max. containers) from our suppliers every week. example ( min 35 max 45 ) - (Table )

(#) We allocate accordingly - excel formula


  1. If shipping line allocate max. container - no problem - we send the max. container to suppliers

  2. If shipping line allocate min. container then also no problem - we send the min. container to suppliers

  3. But if shipping line allocate more then minimum requirement and less than maximum requirement - Our team decide to whom we have to allot and how much to allot ?

for above condition 1 and 2
I am using this formula in excel =IF($C$8<=$M$3,C3,IF($A$8<=$M$3,A3,0)) - getting the results.

but in coda I didn’t get the result for the (sum of column of total container) so that i can use if condition and get the desired result.

Hi @Deepak_Adwani,

In your excel formula you are using explicit fixed references to cells.

In Coda you can do something similar using “@” references. More info here: https://help.coda.io/en/articles/1215064-add-a-reference-to-a-page-table-row-or-person

I have put together an example below using a cut down version of your screenshot.

As you can see I have left the Name column on and left it as the the Display column. This is what will be used for the “@” reference. This can be pretty much anything and I encourage you to use something more descriptive than Row1, 2, 3 etc.

In this scenario, $C$8 to get is the Containers value of 45 you would do “@Row8.Containers”.

It would be beneficial to see a safe cut down version of what you have so far as I am sure we could offer more in depth solutions or point you down an alternative route as this is a very fixed way of working. Would you copy the table structure each week or just clear it out of all data? Could you use lookups and filtering to achieve the same? etc.

All the best


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