Family Finance Planner and Tracker

Has anyone created a Family Finance Planner and Tracker which includes all/some of these - budget planning, tracking of income and expenses, some investment tracking, financial goals and their achievement tracking?

Sounds interesting!

I haven’t built anything similar, however, it sounds like something you could achieve with Coda.

Have you seen any existing solution for something like this somewhere?

Love this idea @Stefan_Stoyanov ! If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out our gallery where you can draw inspiration or even copy other docs already made by Makers!

@Tobias_Feistmantl it shouldn’t be impossible for sure, and I did a great deal of work on few attempts but I am worried about Coda’s performance.

@Shaina_Torgerson I’ve checked it and I didn’t find something which is sophisticated enough. Do you have some good suggestions?

Honestly saying, it’s a bit ambitions because I am aiming to build something like Personal Capital which is now part of Empower. Unfortunately this app is only for US residents and it also lacks some flexibility which Coda could allow. Simplifi is also another option but it lacks some functionality.

The other problem that I have is that I am not a financial expert to a level to know how all these sections relate to each other and what would be a good thin

My main concern with Coda is whether it can provide the performance for such a complex tool (even if used by only few users for own purposes).

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