Favicon should stay the same across browser tabs

While it’s cool to be able to have custom icons within Coda, I find it really disorienting that the browser/tab favicon changes to match the document. When I have multiple tabs open, I am automatically looking for the Coda favicon and not finding the tab - just a UI suggestion for consistency. The personalized icons don’t get enough use to intuitively distinguish them at the browser tab level, in my opinion.

Hi @Dana_Whittle, I believe that if you don’t change the primary doc’s icon, it should default to the Coda icon. Alternatively, you can change it back to the Coda icon should it not suit your needs. We try to offer options for everyone but understand the experience you’re suggesting.

As you suggest, it defaults to the icon of the Doc you are in which is really really disorienting when you have many tabs open and are scanning for the Coda icon. I’d personally like to have an icon for my Doc but NOT a favicon.