Option to have favicon reflect current page's icon

Hey Coda team! My organization has a Doc that is shared among a few different teams, each with their own structure of sub-pages. Most of our day-to-day work and collaboration happens on any number of these pages, and we typically find ourselves with multiple subpages open in different tabs. It can be tough to identify which tab is which when we can’t see the full [Doc Title] - [Page Title] in the tab.

It would be great to have a Doc level option to allow the favicon to be updated based on the icon configured for the current page. I understand that this feature my not be available on all browsers Coda supports, but this would provide a TON of clarity when dealing with multiple pages from a single Doc.

Thanks for your consideration!


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(2021-02-02) https://community.coda.io/t/update-see-your-coda-page-title-in-your-browser-tab/21121/4 - :framed_picture: [Page title] • [Doc title]
(2021-02-03) https://community.coda.io/t/update-see-your-coda-page-title-in-your-browser-tab/21121/6 - favicon gif

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Agreed, this would be super useful. Or, for my team’s usage, I’m not sure we’d need any choice. Just always having the favicon reflect the page/ subpage rather than the doc would always be preferred.