Update: See your Coda page title in your browser tab

Last week, Nigel announced a fun update to the Coda Google Chrome Extension and we wanted to keep the browser party going. Now we’ll automatically display your current page’s title in your browser tab alongside your doc title.

Coda docs have infinitely nesting pages, allowing for flexible organization and depth. But if you’re like us, everything lives in a doc and it can be easy to get lost. I hope this simple tweak makes it easier for you to work seamlessly across multiple pages in your doc.

Diving deeper into the details:

  • You’ll see this update today across all major web browser types
  • If the page name and doc title are the same, the page title will not repeat in your browser tab

Neat :grin: !!! Thank you very much dear Codans :grin: :tada: !!!


That’s sick and useful when you have a million tab opened!


24 calendar days from request :point_down: to launch is impressive response speed by the Coda team :muscle:


  • as launched: [Doc title] • [Page title] :ok:
  • my opinion: [Page title] • [Doc title] :+1:

Two reasons I request the switch

  1. long doc names (which I tend to use) makes this update not visible
  2. when I have multiple pages [from the same doc] open in unique browser tabs I already know which doc is in each browser tab by the favicon, thus “Doc title” first is redundant. “Page title” first would share new information.

Thank you for the feedback @jeo.

There was actually a good bit of debate around this and opinions were somewhat split on which way to go. The general assumption is that a doc title would be the same over the multiple tabs and every page name would be unique, but what was noticed in digging into this a little more was that many “templates” and similar naming conventions are used across docs. So you could end up with 10 tabs open that all said “Summary” or “Intro”.

That’s a fair amount of the reason for going with doc title first and relying on hover for the page. We will of course keep an eye on feedback here and see if any new trends start to appear.


Thanks for your thoughtful response, @BenLee, the additional context is appreciated. Reasonable people can use Coda in different ways :slightly_smiling_face:

  • my pages & subpages have short 1-word names (so tabs on mobile look nice)
  • my doc titles are long and descriptive so I can find the correct doc when I am inside https://coda.io/docs

my usage style prefers the browser tab on the right (green tag favicon) :point_down:

Thank you :coda: for this launching this update

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Thanks for this. Its great for the tabs but also when navigating ‘back’ to previous pages in the browser


When viewing a detail view of a row using Activate() it shows the source or parent table in the browser tab as opposed to the view. In my case I name all of the source tables with a _ prefix. So the user may see the table (and in the browser tab) as New Customers - so the browser tab would say: Coda Doc - New Customers however when they Activate() it says: Coda Doc - _customers which can be confusing for them. Is there a way to retain the view name when Activate()'d?

Could this also happen in the /docs to make the current folder name visible? I have multiple tabs open, each showing a different folder of Coda docs, but they all just say “Coda | Docs” in the tab.