Figma sync mismatch


I have a Coda table of events and images that I want to push in Figma to update some designs. While my squared design (on the left) is synchronising correctly my rectangle format (on the right) does not match the event and image correctly (like if pulling 2 different rows at the same time). See screencast here:

Here’s the Coda doc:
Here’s the Figma link:

Does anyone know how to solve this? Maybe @Helena_Jaramillo?

Hi there @Jeremy_Corman, and sorry for the delay!

Good question. So at the moment, every group pulls from a single row, so if you have multiple groups in a frame then it’ll pull from multiple rows - which is the problem you were having. To solve for that, you can add an @ symbol to the end of any group or frame, and every group below that one will then be pulled from the same row.

It’s a bit hard to explain but hopefully that makes sense, I’ve duplicated your file and shown it here. This should now work.

Let me know if you have more questions!


Wonderful, it’s working. Thank you so much Helena!

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@Helena_Jaramillo do you know what triggers the order of the components in Figma?

Hi Jeremy! It should be the order of the rows in the Coda table from top to bottom. Except when you click “Shuffle” is that not the case?

Hey @Helena_Jaramillo ,

I may be mistaken but it does not seem to be the order of the rows in Coda table.
Check section “Specials” :

Compare with the order in Figma in which I could not find out what’s the sorting pattern:

The reason I’m asking this is because I’m trying to have the same materials (aka row) within a newsfeed post and story format. Does it make sense?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Jeremy, sorry for the delay in the reply! You’re right in that it looks like the order is not the order of the Coda table at the moment. Looks like a bug, and we’ll try and sort it soon! Will keep you updated.

@Helena_Jaramillo Alright, keep me posted! :slight_smile: