Launched: Introducing the Coda + FigJam Widget!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Coda + FigJam widget. This powerful widget allows you to seamlessly sync your data between FigJam and Coda. Now you can work where you want without manually porting information between FigJam and Coda, eliminating overhead and giving you time back.

With the Coda + FigJam widget, you can work in the way that makes sense to you. If you prefer jamming in an unstructured FigJam whiteboard, you can push your sticky notes to a structured Coda table to action next steps. Or if you’d rather add ideas to a Coda table and crowdsource votes from your team, you can turn them into FigJam stickies to visually organize your thoughts.

We know it’s not enough to transport a snapshot of your data, so we gave the widget two-way sync capabilities, meaning when something changes in one place, its updated automatically in the other. This lets you make changes in FigJam without worrying about manually pushing changes to Coda.

We soft launched this at Figma’s annual Config conference in July. And here’s how we’ve seen teams use the Coda + FigJam widget so far.

  1. Turn ideas into next steps by syncing sticky notes into a rich table inside Coda where you can sort, filter, and group.
  2. Bring task lists and feedback tables from Coda into your design files, making it easier to collaborate and iterate.
  3. Visualize objectives and roadmaps during OKR planning, ensuring everyone is aligned and on track.
  4. Take action on reflections from retrospectives or pre-mortems, turning insights into actionable tasks.

Ready to give it a try? Go to the Coda widget’s listing page on Figma’s community marketplace. Add the widget to your FigJam or Figma file, and follow the instructions in our playground file to get started.

We can’t wait to see how this widget speeds up your brainstorms, planning, and retrospectives. Once you’ve had the chance to try it out, leave us a review on Figma’s community so that more people can find it.

Thanks and happy making!


And in case you missed it, get a behind the scenes look into @shishir’s Config keynote on the Rituals of Modern Product Teams with Figma’s Head of Product, Yuhki Yamashita, where they debuted the Coda + FigJam widget.


What about deletions? They don’t seem to sync? I deleted a sticky in Figjam / row in Coda but it does not get reflected on the other side. Also i can’t seem to get section names from Coda synced into Figjam. Is there more help material available for the plugin?

Hello @Tony_Xiao1 ,

If you’re using the “Import Stickies” function, this is a one-time import, not an ongoing sync.

good feature, but I lacked a User column that would show the name of the user (sticker author)

Hello @Evgeniy_Mamontov ,

Unfortunately, Figma’s API/SDK doesn’t pass through user email address today, so this isn’t possible at the moment. We’d love to support this if they add it later!

Hi @Joe_Bauer and @chris,

please pass along my sincere Kudos to the entire team, I’ve been eagerly awaiting this Widget, and love it!

@chris , you mentioned in an earlier reply that the “Import stickies” function is a one-time import, not an ongoing sync.

I’ve run into the same issue when using “Import existing table rows”. This, too, works smoothly for the first-time import, but hitting the “Sync” button within the Coda widget does not pick up on any changes to the underlying Coda table.

Please do let me know if the entire Widget is intended for one-time import use cases only, or if the introduction of ongoing sync will be introduced at a later point in time.


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Hello @Nina_Ledid ,

Importing existing table rows should include Sync buttons on the resulting table and row widgets which will pull in changes to those items when clicked. If that isn’t working for you, please message in via support and I’d be happy to take a deeper look at your case.

Hi @chris ,

thanks so much, just re-tried and now it’s working! Thanks!

I have a question about the Coda + Figjam Widget!

In Figjam, using the widget to import a Coda table (as stickies), I have an “Import Existing Table Rows” button and a sync button.

I’m having trouble seeing new rows added to an existing import with either the sync or the import button. What’s the expected procedure for importing new rows into Figjam from on an existing but updated Coda table?

Hello @Kirin_Robinson ,

Clicking the “Import existing table rows” button on the table widget should pull in the updated set of rows, deduplicating those that already exist in your FigJam canvas.