Set up Automation: If Figma file was added, add that Figma link to another table

Hi there,
I’m trying to accomplish the following through an automation (or formula??), but don’t know the best way to go about it.

I have a Master table (ALL PROJECTS), that shows all of my projects.
In a separate table (ARTIFACTS), I want to create a list of all Figma files that have been added, or update existing links if the row in the master table changed. I want it in a separate table, because there might also be links that are not directly linked to an ongoing project (i.e old files from last year, that i still want to make easy to find).
I’ve played around with the automation feature, but it doesn’t seem to work. Anyone have a suggestion?
Here’s a link to what I got so far:

Hey @Christian_Poschmann! Have you tried just making the Artifacts table a view of the All Projects table, with all other columns except these Figma files hidden? This way the two tables will always be in sync.

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