Filter if today is between a start and end date

I’d like to have a checkbox, button, or really any kind of filter control that will allow me to show all rows of a “projects” table if today() >= START DATE && today() <= END DATE.

Checkbox is fine so if:

  • If true the table will only display ongoing projects as of today.
  • If false the table will display all rows of said table/view (provided there are no additional filters set)

Hi @Sam_Smith,

would something like this work for you:

Have a look at the conditional Filter.

Let me know if it helps.


Thank you, that’s perfect!

Would it be possible to print this information (if in a different section) as a bulleted list rather than in a new view + additional columns of my choice?

-Column 1
--Column 2
--Column 3
--Column 4

As the solution provided by @Paul_Danyliuk, have a look at this post:

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