Help With Filter Formula with dates

I have for my progress table which contains projects and set items
i update my progress every period
after that i make payment for specific period
i want to filter my table to show last update for project and set items
my current filter shows all previous updates
i just want to show the last update before specificed date

Hey @Mohamed_Elrefae ! This sounds doable with a filter, but I’m having trouble locating the table in question to get a better sense of your setup. Could you clarify the table name, or send a link directly to that table?

thank you for your attention
please find the link for the table

Thanks! You could use a filter like this in the table filter, and set the timeframe you want to see vs what you don’t want to see:

Another option is to add a checkbox column, check off the items you want hidden, then set a filter that’ll only show items where that checkbox=false.

Hope that helps :smiley:

thank you
this way filter will be manual evwey update
i need it forumalic
i need to show the last update for each (project and set items)

Hey Mohamed, you could use that to set a filter that’s based off today(), e.g. today - 7 days. So in that case, it would always be updating.

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