Filter results shown in a select control?

Is there a way to filter the results shown in a select control? For example, in the equipment inventory template, under the search inventory section, you are able to filter the table by category, and brand. Is there a way to have only the brands connected with the selected category show up in the brand select list? I have searched the formula list, but couldn’t figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Bryce_Gibb - are you looking for something like this -

Thanks for the fast response. I just tried following the example, but couldn’t make it work. That example is working in a table, where I am using the select list to filter the table - maybe that is where I am having problems following it? I will try to play with it tomorrow, but if you have a quick formula example based on the - equipment inventory template, I would be very appreciative.

Try this formula -

[Brand and Model].Filter(Category.Matches(ChooseCategory)).Brand

ChooseCategory here is the Select List for Category.

Awesome! Thanks for you help.