Filter RunActions() based on column value

Hello! I recently posted about the formula in this doc and again I am stumped.

I’m trying to push the pink Run Actions button in New Employee Info and have it add tasks from the Tasks Template table to the My Tasks table for that team member. It’s working great thanks to help from a community member!

Now I’ve been asked to filter those tasks by the employee’s department, but I can’t get Filter() in the right place. Where should I place it in my formula? I tried a few different places and I would either have no tasks add to My Tasks, or it would work but still send all the rows to the My Tasks table instead of filtering them.

Here’s my sample doc:

Hi @Heather_Hart1,

I find a good way to start is to create a separate column to work on the bit I’m having a problem with (in this case the filter), and once you get that right update the button formula. I added such a column to your New Employee Info table (it can of course be deleted, I just left it there as an example), and then added the filter to the button. It works how I am understanding your requirement, but let us know if it’s not correct and if not, what it’s needing.



Thank you so much, @Rohan_Mitchell! I love the idea of trying it out in a column first, I hadn’t thought to do that but it’s very smart. I appreciate your help! This solved my issue.


You’re welcome @Heather_Hart1

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