Filter Table based on Rows of another table

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to filter this table (Investment Name Rows):

Based on the rows (Investment Name) appearing in this table (i.e. show me the rows in date information which are NOT in Payment verification)

The payment verifications get added when you press the Track It! button in table 1

Now, i’ve tried to do something like this in the Filter area of Table 1

[Investment Name]!=[Payment Verification].[Investment Name].unique

Playing around with this:

[Payment Verification].[Investment Name].Unique()


[Date Information]

Gives me ADNOC, PETROFAC, iO, Apple

However, I can’t seem to filter the Table based on the results of the first string. It just returns all the investment names.

So this:

In([Investment Name],[Payment Verification].[Investment Name].[Investment Name])

Works to show the two names that occur in Payment Verification. I have no idea why, or what [Investment Name].[Investment Name] is going (first is from Payment verification, second is from Date Information according to what’s highlighted).

Can someone explain what’s happening here?

Also, how would I adjust that to return the NOT

Actually that doesn’t work because it ignores the Payment Verification part and just returns the [Investment Name] from Date Information. So i guess Payment Verification is returning something in the wrong format for it to use whereas the Date Information isnt?

OK, it’s working but i have ZERO idea why, would appreciate if anyone could explain, especially the [orange].[purple] part of the formula

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