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I’m looking for a way to filter the View of Submission Register to only show the latest revision. My original submission register will have every detail but for this view, i wanted the user to only see the latest revision and it related info.

As you can see from the table above, the revision of every document is not the same.

Here’s one solution. I couldn’t figure out how to do it with just one table-level filter statement, but by creating a column to handle that logic, you can then filter the table by that column.

I’d be interested to learn a better way to do this.

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Hi @Ander thanks a lot for the idea.

That’s a doable if my revision is only number value i.e [0,1,2,3,4] but now i realize, i cant use the max() function as my revision sometimes is [P00,P01,P02] like the table below.

Or do i need to make a separate type of revision? :thinking:

@Nik_Hasyimi_nick_hasyimi I’ve done a bit more work regarding the ideas from the earlier post of yours (Add other column value based on revision of document). This is the v2 version of that doc with some new concepts inside, a bit more sophisticated one, hopefully. Probably it’s not directly related to your question but I think it may shed some light on this problem.

Doc: Value based on revision v2



See also: first(), last(), nth(), find(), created(), modified(), sort(), and maybe others that might be useful here.

In one way or another, the revisions must have metadata by which logic can conclude which is the most recent version, however you define that. There are multiple ways to do this, each with its own pros and cons (text string coding in the revision abbreviation, date, numeric value, array order, etc).

@Kris_Murawski discusses some issues involved, here:

Nice work on that model @Kris_Murawski :+1:

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@Ander Thanks man. Could you elaborate a little on this requirement to manage it manually in a few sentences or outline it even in a few points how do you see that? I’ve got stuck a little when was working on that lately.

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@Kris_Murawski I just made a more thorough pass through all the formulas in your doc, and realize that I was addressing a different problem than the one you’re solving for (above reply edited accordingly).

That said, my thoughts on manual management of ordering wouldn’t apply to your technique of allowing the user the option to manually adjust ordering by dragging rows into desired positions when needed.

Hi @Ander, i think i get your point. Probably need to use different type of indexing and sorting method to rank which revision is higher than the other.

@Kris_Murawski, the WF no is a unique number and won’t be repeated.
FYI in my case, normal revision number [00,01,02] applied to a typical document/report, while the one with [P00,P01,W01,W02] is used specifically for drawing.

Thanks guys for your ideas, i’ll try to experiment with it first then if solved i will posted it in this thread.

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