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Hi community,

I have a table of progress notes that are coming into Coda via API. The table isn’t overly complex, but I can simplify even further for the purposes of this question by saying that I have five columns: Note title, Note contents, Data, Version Number, Newest Version.

What I want is for the first version of a note to get labeled V1, the second version to get labeled V2, the third version to get labeled V3, etc. I then also want the most recent version to get a ‘True’ label in the ‘Newest Version’ column, and all other versions (including the previously new version) to get a ‘False’ label.

I imagine this isn’t too difficult, but I’m running into challenges.

Any community love able to help with this? :slight_smile:


Hi Matthew, while this may not be the exact answer you’re looking for, I can offer a solution that @Pch had helped me figure out with the Tasks and Subtasks tables I had created for my team.

My problem started when I was looking for the latest task that had been modified w/a new note entry that particular morning.

I noticed when filtering the Team Tasks table for “Today” nothing showed!

My team member mentioned she had updated her notes (clicking the “Add Note” button - an entry into a referenced table that holds “Task Notes” text, chronologically with the latest note at the top of the list.)

The main Team Tasks row was NOT being updated even though new Task Notes were being added to the Task’s row - which in my mind, should have also tickled the modified timestamp of the associated Team Tasks row as well, being that the new note was added into that task’s Task Notes column.

I also had Subtasks tracked in a separate table AND the Subtasks also had a Notes list as well - all being added back into the Team Tasks table and also NOT updating the modified timestamp for their respective Team Tasks row.

Pch taught me that I could combine all the associated Modification times for each subitems related to the Team Tasks row into a list and use the Max() function (latest / newest update of all the related subitems) to set the Team Task’s modification timestamp w/the latest modification time - which works exactly as I needed!

Here are the formulas I used in my case to tickle the Team Tasks modification with the latest timestamp for any of the Task’s related subitems:

First I obtain the latest modifications for the associated SubTasks, THEN I get the latest modification times for the Team Tasks and finally take the latest modification date to update the Team Tasks modification timestamp:



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Hi Matthew,

Your Newest = True question you can answer as follows in the Newest column-
If("this createdOn date = Max(createdOn date), True, False).

The V1, V2 etc is a little bit more tricky.
Unfortunately I do not have time to do a solution specific for your situation, but this example should get you started:

Rank on the CreatedOn property
ISO calculating a sequence number, simply calc L1, L2 etc.


Awesome - thanks Piet!

Needed to add a filter to your formula, to match the NoteID - but no doubt you already anticipated that. :slight_smile:

I may skip the more complicated V1, V2 step, as it’s really being able to filter for the most recent version that is the key functionality. When I want to see the older edits, I can just sort chronologically.

May still look at your example, to help learn some fancy new tricks. But mostly, we’ll consider this solved!

Thanks again,

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