Filter using Select List

Sorry to bother you with what should be an easy issue, but… I have a Select List called SLCMeetings that displays Companies by name. Based on the Selection, using a filter, a View of meetings with that company should come up. But I get either nothing at all or the entire view.

The Select List formula is: Company.Company
The Filter in the Company Meetings View is: Company Meetings.Company =SLCMeetings

The only thing that looks wrong (that I can see) is that there is no T after SLCMeetings, and Coda says it’s a circular reference. But that’s the point: I want a list from the meetings list of all the meetings with the selected company.

This sort of issue seems to come up a lot.

Whoops - My Mistake. Sorry! Problem solved. I forgot that Views are not the Tables themselves and Filters and Selections have to refer to the real Table.

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