Filtered updates


Hi all, I have imported our activity tracker with >2k items.
Now I want to make a filtered update, e.g.

  • user (was previous just a name, now it’s a Coda user)
  • priority flag (was previous a “Y”, now should be checkbox activated).

Can I do a filtered update, and if yes, how?



Dear @Thomas_Schulz,

Trying to give you a helping hand.

  1. The document should be shared with the users of your choice.
  2. Add next to your column “user” a new column with the “people” format. (see screenshot below)


  1. Now you can add to each row the user of your wish :grinning:

  2. For the “priority flag” I should do in a similar way, just add a new column with the “checkbox” format and check accordingly your needs.

  3. Create a view of your table and accordingly hide (eye symbol) and filter (filter symbol) accordingly your wished criteria


Don’t hesitate to come back to me if there is something more to clarify :handshake:

Kind regards,

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Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets I have this fields, but how to I convert the imported values?


For checkbox -

  • I’d create a Column called tempcheckbox, format it as checkbox and set formula as (If importedcheck=“Y”, true, False)
  • Then I’d create another column called checkbox and copy paste the entire tempcheckbox column into it. Then I could delete the other two columns.

For people it depends - Copy pasting the entire column will work only if the user name is the same as the person name format. Else you might have to do some formula work similar to above to be able to copy and paste.

Hope that helps! !

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