Help! Check box needs me to click to be activated in a filter?

I’m using @Al_Chen_Coda’s “GTD To-Do List with Gmail, GCal” template, but the items I add into capture only appear in the Views pages when I manually check the item as completed and then uncheck it to “activate” the box for the filter. In the pic below the first 3 rows I did this to (darker grey square) but the 4 below I didn’t (lighter grey). If I filter for unchecked only rows 1-2 will appear, while 4-7 disappear. Even though they’re unchecked the box hasn’t been “activated” yet.

Please help! It’s making the template functionally unusable.

For the column type checkbox options, you want to have the value for new rows set to “False”…


This should be the default setting for the checkbox column, but if you switch to formula view, then delete the formula, it can be deleted. Older docs may have this blank from before the default was added too.

Copy/Paste can also work for bulk updating a column of “unchecked” boxes, just copy one of the value that’s working and paste that for the rest of the column to get caught up after making the new row value change.

Yep, that did it. Thanks Ben, you truly saved the day here.


Thanks for calling this out @Ezra_Bookman. I changed the value for new rows on that Done column to “false” on the template just to be safe.

I’m just relieved to find out I wasn’t being totally stupid. Thanks for the great template Al!

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