Filtering Based on Reactions

Hey Coda Community!

I am trying to create a SwitchIF formula with the condition of another column having reactions from specific team members within the workspace.

Ideally, I’d like to set this up using another table, so that I can add and remove team members from the condition without having to consistently update each line in the formula.

This is how I currently have it set up, but can’t seem to get it to work unless I specifically list each team member in the formula or unless there is only one team member assigned to each team. :thinking:

Please let me know if I can provide additional context here, genuinely appreciate any help!!

Hey @Jad_Hamdan! This sounds doable with just a little bit of a different setup for the Teams table and corresponding switchif formula here. Check out the table called “examples” with lists of the team members, and the formula added to the “Copy of Status” column.
Hope that does the trick!

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This makes total sense and is exactly what I am looking for!

Thank you so much Jasmine!

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