Filtering Overdue Tasks

Hey all!

Using codas interactive filters and I was wondering how to create a formula that filters tasks based on whether they are overdue, open, in progress etc.

Heres the table and filter setup:

I cant seem to figure out how if the user selects overdue from the drop down it will show all tasks that have dates < today. I’d also like the other select options (Open, In progress) etc to show tasks that are tagged with the status relevant to the drop down item. Is it possible to build out a filter this complex?

hey Harry!

The formula would be [Due date]< Today()
But I am not sure where this filter you created is coming from. If you can add a formula to that, I would assume that is the formula.

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Hey thanks for the reply! I understand the formula I need however I am not sure how to apply it to a drop down select list and make it an interactive filter!

I don’t actually think you can. What I would do is:
Create a column (checkbox type) called Overdue, that has a formula in it. IF thisRow.due Date < Today(), true, “”.
Meaning that if the due date of that row is earlier than today, the checkbox is checked. You can hide that column from the main table view, but still filter by it. So now you will have an Overdue filter with a YES or NO.

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Thanks for the reply Cesar! It’s a nice way to work around the problem!

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