Task management -- per category AND per day

I have a series of tasks. Each task is assigned to a project and a day on which to be done. I would like to be able to see all tasks for a given project or for a given day. Any suggestions / ideas on how to do that with Coda?

Hi there @Mati_Roy ! :blush:

I think you could do that by using Interactives filters :blush:.
Based on an example I shared few days ago here is a suggestion :blush:

(You post wasn’t very clear about if you’re looking for an AND or an OR, so I put both in my sample below :wink:.
Note that with no concrete idea on how you’ve build your doc, this might not completely satisfy your need :blush:)

So, to filter your table first by Projects AND then by Due Dates I created 2 select-control on the canvas.
The first one is to select the projects (Select - Projects) from my tasks table (Tasks - 1) and the second one (Projects - Dates) is for the due dates of those tasks which pre-filters those due dates by the project selected in the first select control (:innocent:).

Then, the last step is to filter the table by the due dates select-control on the canvas :blush: with this formula (in my sample) :

thisRow.[Due Date].Matches([Projects - Dates])

Now, if it was to filter your table by Projects OR Due dates well, I kind of followed the same principle :blush: .

I still have 2 select-controls on canvas, one for the Projects and one for the Due Dates but they are not linked to one another.
I just then indicates in the filter options of that table to filter it by the Projects select-control OR by the Due Dates select-control :blush:.

(The formula for the Due Dates part is the same as the one above, using the appropriate select-control and table :wink:)

There might be others to do that though :wink:. But it depends on how you’ve build your doc :wink:.

I hope this helps :blush:

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Check this out! I am quite sure you will find some guidance for your need.

I needed many many weeks for very complex filters concerning status of projects, domain of projects to filter the right tasks assigned. Your case would be probably easier to solve.

You can use interactive filters as explained in the comment above from @Pch very easily. For dates and projects use multiselect filters so you can always have a full view of what’s going on.