Filtering relation / dropdown select list based on rows in other table

We’re building an inventory system for equipment and vehicles to be checked in and out and booked. We need the dropdown selector to check the bookings for what’s booked and what’s not (on the inputted dates), then allow users to select from only the vehicles / equipment that aren’t checked out. We’ve tried absolutely everything under the sun in terms of formulas and using other tables. Anyone have any experience with this?

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hi @Connor_Johnson1 ,

You could try this one in a test column, but first you create a new display column (now it is Start Date, whichi is confusing) with Name as column name and you create a unique row identifier.

vehicules.Contains(thisRow.vehicles) and
StartDate <= thisRow.EndDate and
endDate >= thisRow.StartDate)

It will output values living in the display column and from there you see what t do.
It seems you are close.

This kind of work may be a bit too much to ask for in the community (an inventory system), we are all volunteers.


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I would make a column with a formula to determine if an inventory item is checked out which returns a true if checked out and a false if not checked out. Then in the dropdown you can filter for thisrow.checkedout=false.