Find a row based on date


I am trying to create a slack message from a Coda doc. Basically every Monday, I need to find a row in a Coda table that has that Monday date as a value in one specific column, and use the other values of the row to build the message.

I am using Zapier (that use Python API), but I can’t find the row, independently of the date format I am using.

Does someone know any suggestion on how to do that?


Hi @Kate_Gallo

I have shared this doc with you that shows one example of how to do this. If you share a simple copy of your doc ( with one table that has the date data) I can help more.

Hi Malika,

Thank you for your answer! In the end I figured it out: I had to find the date using the format Coda use in the backend for dates, that is YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.mmm±Z where Z is the timezon.