First day of the week Monday/Sunday

Being in the EU myself, I would also like to have the ability to choose the day the week should start at the account level :blush:.
It could also be at the doc level though, depending on the use case scenario. Plus, it’s already possible to change the Timezone at that level.

PS: Sorry for your post, I made a moderation mistake and tried to reversed it afterwards :sweat_smile:.

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I have set my time zone from the first day on. Unfortunatelly, there are no other options as of today.

When I was speaking about the Timezone, what I meant was that the ability to choose between Sunday or Monday could be at that level too, like the Timezone is.
They can be complementary :blush: .

Could be useful for people using Coda internationally :wink: .

The Timezone in the doc, I think, just indicate the general timezone of that doc but no, it won’t change anything concerning the starting day of the week :blush: .

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Yes, his is a good idea to put it at that level. Thank you for explaining this.

You’re welcome :wink: !

Plus one for me. When using the calendar view it really breaks the UI when task that start monday and end sunday, break into the next line. It would be useful to be able to change that.

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Any news here since 2018? Need this option so much. It’s strange that we still can’t change calendar layout


This is definitely one of those bugs that I can’t believe isn’t fixed yet! And yes, it is a bug, because the ISO 8601 standard is for the week to start on Monday, so not giving that as an option is crazy.


Still waiting for this, it’s frustrating to see that this bug is ignored by Coda team


I am really surprised to see that such a powerful software/app like Coda does not look outside the US. It would be worth to add other languages as well.

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Massive +1 on fixing this bug. The week definitely starts on a Monday not Sunday!

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Why no one still not fix this problem? since 2018… please fix it ;(

Out of hope of finding a temporary workaround for those in this thread, what’s the best solution that you have found so far?

There is no solution to this. I contacted Coda support they said that they are mainly focused on USA business so the rest of the world doesn’t matter much at the moment for them. Hopefully at some point it changes and they realize that the world is not only USA.


USA! USA! :slight_smile: just kidding…

Plus one! :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

This is also relevant to this thread:

Let me remind you, there is voting feature on top of this page next to the topic and currently there are only 5 votes. Maybe will coda prioritize this really annoying issue higher, if we vote for it more?
Go for it!


Wow that’s sad. No plans to go international?

I am not quite sure what amazes me more: the ignorance of not implementing such a simple feature or the lack of business sense to understand the impact of ignoring this requirement.

Looking at Coda itself it cannot be a lack of competence or capabilities to do so, as it is not a very complicated feature to add a setup element giving the user the possibility to choose between American, European, and Middle East starting days for the week. - not as a set up element for the whole implementation but obviously for each doc.
Any software company that wants to be taken seriously providing solutions to the international market has to have set up features, such as defining the first day of the week, the thousand separator, the time format, etc.
This is a clear sign of customer centricity or not.

What I find more striking though is the latter: the lack of business sense, the ignorance towards international customers, neglecting the international market potential. Their is a comment above, that Coda Support mentioned their focuse on the US market. Well, if that’s the case, simply don’t accept international customers. Don’t accept customers from of abroad, make it clear to them that you are not interested in them. As an investor, I would be seriously concerned about Codas’ serious lack of understanding how their market works. Of all of those markets truly globalised, the cloud-based solution market is one of them, which implies that you cannot simply ignore a significant amount of potential customers and even more ignore existing customers. If Coda wants to be considered as a serious market player in the low-code application development market, they have to understand that they need to grow fast AND internationally.

It might come as a surprise: the United States are not the center of this planet nor of our global economy. If it is “America first” (based on above comment by the support staff, this is a fair assumption), I am wondering if we as the international users should consider to step aside and not to focus a significant part of our operations on this solution, as Coda will most likely not be a long-term player considering their business acumen.