Folders API / deprecated?

Hello community!
As far as I understand, Folders endpoints are deprecated, right?
Thanks in adv!)

Hi @Alexey_Alekseev - Welcome to the community! Which endpoint are you referring to? The Coda API doesn’t have a folders endpoint (deprecated or otherwise) and Coda Admin API has one but it’s not deprecated.

Hello @Eric_Koleda , thanks for the quick reply
I meant GET<docId>/folders/<folderIdOrName>
I’ve just found information that you have removed this endpoint. -
In that case, what can we use to get the list of folders? if it is possible of course :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Eric_Koleda
Sorry to bother you, can I get an answer to the question above?

Oh interesting, that migration was done before I joined Coda, so I wasn’t aware of the history here. From reading it, it seems like the concept of folders was replaced by sub-pages. You can get the Page hierarchy by using the listPages endpoint and looking at the parent field to determine which page it is nested under.

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