Format Emails with HTML with Outlook Pack?

I was looking through this old thread about the Outlook Pack, and according to that thread there was a way to send emails formatted with HTML. I can’t seem to be able to do that, or find where I toggle that option.

Does anyone know a way to send HTML via the Outlook Pack?

Hi Samuel, It is HTML by default.

Thanks. How would I render HTML then? When I put in tags, I end up just getting the actual HTML text, not the rendered HTML.

Please have a look.

Thanks for your response.

It’s odd because it works if you send it just like that. But if you have the template on another table, it just sends as text.
This is my template:

This is my email button:
This is what appears in my inbox:

Any thoughts?

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Thank you for the details, I will investigate and get back to you.

Ok so I did some tinkering around and it looks like if you add .totext() after the formula, it will send HTML.

Button Formula:



Thank you for the update. Great that you found a solution, I will add it to the Pack documentation.

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