Gmail No Longer Rendering HTML again?

Hi there!
I have similar problem like in Gmail No Longer Rendering HTML?

I have been sending HTML-formatted emails via buttons in docs for quite some time… and all of a sudden, the email sent is no longer rendering the HTML.




This email was rendered correctly up until just a couple of days ago. Now, it sends just the text instead of the formatted HTML. Any thoughts on what might be happening here?

Thank you!

Found the problem by elimination.
The dropdown menu value is no longer text format. After the forced conversion of ToText(), everything worked.
This is not a pleasant surprise. And this happens from time to time. A problem arises where you do not expect it. There is not always the time and desire to look for errors due to system changes. I hope that the changes in the system made it better))

the problem solved. I don’t know how to delete this message))

Thanks for letting us know @Dmitry_Evseev . I will go ahead and close your post for you.