A href links being stripped in email send

Hi folks, I’m using Ben Lee’s HTML Email template: About · HTML Email Newsletter Planning-Sending-Logging

I’ve made lots of my own elements, including some tables and headers, etc. Everything works great except for links. Mailto <a href> links work fine, but regular <a href> links get stripped during the send. In my Mail client, the links show but don’t click through. In Gmail there are no links at all. Any idea what’s happening?

Here’s my Coda doc: Tempo Newsletter Planning-Sending-Logging

Actually. I may have figured this out. I can’t use a traditional <a href="www.">Link Name</a>. I have to use the same styling as the rest of the email: <a target="_blank" href="LINK TO WEBSITE" style="-webkit-text-size-adjust:none;-ms-text-size-adjust:none;mso-line-height-rule:exactly;text-decoration:none;color:#1251BA;font-size:14px"> HYPERLINK NAME</a>

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Hi @Ilyssa_Russ, thank you for checking out the HTML email newsletter doc and giving it a try!

I’m glad you found a solution, and using the full link code is the best way to go, but one thing that might have caused the issue to start with is something called “smart quotes”. For text to look fancier, Coda will replace quotes with smart quotes that slant towards the words they’re surrounding. These slanted quotes characters are a different text character than a regular quote and aren’t picked up as regular quotes in HTML code. If you copied from the code, you likely copied regular quotes and things worked, whereas if you were typing in the code yourself, Coda may have converted your typed quotes to smart quotes.

Some ways to get regular quotes are to use a code block text style in Coda and then start typing the string you need, then copy/paste from there. Or typing in the formula builder will also give regular quotes. If you’re a power-user like yourself, smart quotes seem to only be a pain, but they do look a little better in the editor.

I also created an HTML Email pack. If you were curious and wanted to give it a shot, this doc can be copied and used as a template to try it out.

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