Formula GoogleCalendar::BusyTimes blank in column (works on canvas)

I’m trying to use the BusyTimes formula from the Google Calendar pack to filter out all rows in a table that have an overlap with my “Ryan Martens Default” GCal. When I use the formula directly on the canvas, it works as expected, returning a list of event start times within the specified range. Strangely, it also works perfectly in the formula preview (see screenshot below), but the column value stubbornly remains [] for every single row, whether or not there are overlapping times.

I’ve tried refreshing the connection and extending the date range of the formula. It consistently works fine on the canvas (even pulling in the exact same row data via formula) but does not work in the column.

Any suggestions for workaround while this gets fixed?

I’m not able to re-create this on my side. I set up a meeting in a table and chose a time that overlaps with another meeting and it shows up properly. If you’d like to write into support using the “?” icon at the bottom right of the doc, then also share the doc with support, we can take a look there.


I opened the doc up again after a few days and it’s magically working. Not sure what happened but glad it’s working now :slight_smile:

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