Formula is pulling everything in from the column instead of specific row

Based on reading other posts I’m guessing this is List-of-one or List-of-list issue which, following the suggestions in other posts, I’ve tried versions of SwitchIf with ListCombine().

Below is an example I’ve tried which hopefully conveys my intent which is to get the correct bulleted list from either column “Increased” or “Decreased” from table “DB Biomarker Dysfunction” depending on the value in column “Flag” on table “DB Testing Results”

The select list in columns “_Biomarker” and “Test Performed” are set to single select - again based on previous posts.

Not sure SwitchIf is the best approach, thankful for any suggestions!

SwitchIf Issue 2

Hi Michael!

I added a linked relation column so we can easily connect the Blood Values to the Biomarkers in the reversed way

Using a SwitchIf was on the right path I’d say, but one issue was the value you returned was the whole table’s column, where it probably should’ve been just Test Performed’s value.

But I added a new column to replace this one with a Switch instead


This said, I suggest starting over and turn everything into it’s own table, I put a few tables in the bottom as example

Everytime you connect something try to make it one-to-many, and then create a linked column (first pic).

you need to add thisRow. to the result parts of your SwitchIf() formula, so it returns a SINGLE value (for this row) instead of the entire column.


thisRow.DB Biomarker Dysfunction.Increased in the first case, and…

thisRow.DB Biomarker Dysfunction.Decreased in the second case



Thank you both very much for the help!

I will look over your updates in the document as well as consider making the design changes suggested.

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