Formula that checks all conditions

Good afternoon! Help me find a formula that will do the job for me. I need, if the checkbox = true in the column, then all checkboxes in this line that = true are displayed in a separate column. That is, the formula must have several conditions and it must check them all.

Hi @oskotskayasvetlana
What do you mean exactly with this sentence ?

for example, a tick in the android column = true and a tick in the aios column = true, I need the values of all checkboxes that are = true to be displayed in a separate column

OK then,

You could work with somehting like this.


That works but the formula is not very beautiful


May I suggest, rather than using different columnl like that, to have an row-based approach ?

Instead of having multiple columns (that is difficult to work with), consider creating a table with a “project” column, that will be displayed in several row, each row for an OS, like this. You can make the OS choice as a lookup to another table, so that you can easily add or remove new OS

Bust most important, make the project column as a lookup to a project table, and use this formula directly in the project table to get information of which OS is ticked for each project

This is clearly better, and more in the spirit of coda logic


And you can use group by display option

please find the embed doc with two options, and let me know what you think.

It’s very-very cool! Thank you!

My pleasure ! Do not hesitate if you have any additional questions :wink:


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